Achievements of Christianity

What have been the achievements of Christianity in societal terms (separate from preparing each individual soul for eternity)? These are listed below.

Christianity has achieved (per M. Aquilina:  7 Revolutions book):

  • A Revolution of the Person: The Invention of Human Dignity. The inclusion of the weak and marginalized was the fundamental change brought to the Roman Empire. Without society acknowledging God, the weak are in for a rough time.
  • A Revolution in the Home / Family: The New Idea of Family. This changed wives and children from property to an integral part of the family. We are in the process of destroying the family in favour of personal autonomy.
  • A Revolution of Work: How Labour Became Holy. To work became good, not something that a slave did. We are now becoming slaves of the state – the taxpayer will pay for abortions.
  • A Revolution of Religion: This is based on God Is Love (agape). God invites us to a relationship with Him. With secularism God is being replaced with the state that is most definitely not Love / agape.
  • A Revolution of Community: Based on Love your Neighbour. There is the need to recognize the plight of the poor and to give your surplus to them. (secularism will do it so long as it suits the state. Has homelessness been caused in part by previous actions of the minister for finance?)
  • A Revolution in Death: This is based on treating the dead with respect. Now we are dealing in body parts (e.g. foetal body parts in the USA).
  • A Revolution of the State: This is based on Religious Freedom. Not only the freedom to worship, but freedom from persecution and exploitation by one’s own government. Not any more.


Christianity has flourished in the lands of the Roman Empire. In addition, monks saved civilisation when the Roman Empire disintegrated, the church developed the first Universities, it enabled science, it helped establish Western and international law, it contributed hugely to the development of economics, and was foremost in developing hospitals and schools (Source: T Woods –  How the Catholic Church built Western Civilization).  These are the highlights of the social and cultural impact of Christianity. In summary, Christianity is not only a religion that worships the Triune God but also provides for the social and economic development of human kind in an ordered and humane manner. What other civilization comes close?


Heading Christianity Secularism / Atheism
The Person Human dignity / life is sacred “A cog in a wheel”/ disposable
The Home / Family The domestic  church Eliminate the family
Work Work is good Exploit the worker (incl. tax)
Religion God is Love (Agape) There is no God / state is power
Community Love your neighbour Utilitarianism/individualism
Death Respect Enable the culture of death
The State Religious Freedom More control over the person


As regards Ireland, we have once been known as the Island of Saints and Scholars. In the 17th to 19th centuries, the church was the primary institution that supported the people during the penal and famine times. In more recent years, during which time the media and others have tried to besmirch the church, it provided educational and healthcare services at minimal cost during a self inflicted period of national economic hardship. Religious personnel in the 19th and part of the 20th century forwent their due pay and subventions so as to provide necessary services to the people.

While serious mistakes were made and significant sins (and crimes) were committed by religious individuals during that period, they were of a small proportion of the overall good provided by Christianity to Irish society. The teachings of the church were/ are not the problem, but the individuals concerned who did not implement these teachings in the manner needed and their superiors who tried to cover up for them.


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