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In Defence of the Eight Amendment to the Constitution of Ireland.

The unborn child is a unique human being from the moment of conception. This is a scientific fact. It is manifestly just to uphold all human life, including innocent unborn children. The Irish for the unborn child is “na mbeo gan breith” (the living without birth).

This is the first time that a referendum has been set in the Western world that asks its voters to remove the inalienable right to life from a section of the population. Automatically, this is asking voters to allow the Government to set up “death camps” within the healthcare infrastructure.

Why you should vote “No” (Retain the Eight)

Ireland currently has a gold standard approach in defending the rights of the unborn. Based on international statistics Irish society currently saves more than 5,000 babies (human beings) a year from the abortionists “knife”. 165 people were killed on the roads in 2015 which is just 3.5% of the likely minimum abortion toll yearly in Ireland, so abortion will be mass killing on an ongoing basis.

Abortion is intentional killing, is intrinsically evil and is fundamentally in conflict with the moral law. “Women’s reproductive health” is a deception trying to cloak abortion in a mantle of respectability. Our Taoiseach says “trust women, trust doctors” but a well known proverb states “Cursed is the one who trusts in man (i.e.mankind)”. Proponents will argue for abortion based on very hard restrictive cases but then legislate on a liberal basis at taxpayers’ expense – essentially taking advantage of concerned voters.

If the referendum votes to repeal the Eight Amendment abortion will skyrocket. Voters will be authorising a potential death warrant for any unborn child. Might will become right and fundamental justice will be denied.

Why a 12 week limit? This is based on practice from other countries and in turn, on gestational limits. Such a limit is an attempt to define viability of the unborn in the womb. This approach fails to appreciate the humanity of the unborn child from conception; the 12 week (or 3 months) limit is totally arbitrary.

Politicians argue that abortion needs to be legalised and regulated because it happens. This is false. Just because something is a problem, even dangerous, does not make it right to legalise or regulate it. Laws should discourage bad things from happening, not conform to them because they are happening. If this logic were applied elsewhere e.g. stealing, crime etc. it would be a strange world.

The Government is proposing that health reasons would provide for abortion up to 24 weeks / 6 months – as a “cover-all” clause.  This is far too vague and permissive. The safety of the pregnant mother is already better in Ireland than in the US or the UK. Suicidal ideation (thoughts) is not a basis for abortion.  The “health reasons” clause is a play for full blown liberal abortion with no time limits.  Killing the unborn would likely become a convenience. After 24 weeks / 6 months the baby would then be born / induced – even though this runs the significant risk around the 24 week / 6 month mark of the baby being disabled. Who would subsequently become responsible for treating that disability?

Permitting abortion (up to birth!) in so called fatal foetal abnormality (more properly known as life limiting conditions) cases is a form of euthanasia, so permitting this opens up euthanasia more generally, such as for the elderly (e.g. those suffering from dementia). Once euthanasia is permitted, then we are permitting a suicide culture to be put in place. The death culture will go from bad to worse.

In all circumstances cited for abortion, the unborn child is an innocent human being. No matter the circumstances, abortion means killing a human being and is wrong and evil. One cannot judge the intrinsic worth of an individual by the development he/she has achieved at a particular point in time; only by what he/she is capable of achieving at their highest potential. The unborn child will naturally be born and in time become an adult. Deny this right to be born, you should then permit slavery.

The debate has been dominated by the term “termination of pregnancy” – killing the unborn – based on the circumstances of the mother and the elimination of the humanity of the unborn child being aborted (killed),with the unborn child being viewed as a “blob” of tissue. The process of arriving at this decision point for a referendum has been drawn out to an extreme extent, accompanied by a drip feed from the media to induce a “groupthink” viewpoint of the inevitability for a so-called “enlightened” attitude for abortion and banishment of the “bad old days” past.  However, this deliberation process has been in reality “Garbage in, garbage out”.

Politicians have “evolved” and “gone on a journey” to legislate for the “termination of pregnancy”.  They have developed a “God complex”. This is opportunity over principle, of morality as a matter of expediency, of a display of power (I can, so I will), and an unwillingness to serve the good of society.

Militant feminists and a sympathetic media exerted a lot of pressure to bring about this situation. Their power play focuses on the “autonomy” rights of the mother claiming property rights over a “blob” of tissue – a defenceless human being with inalienable rights to life. However, this right to life takes precedence over the liberty rights of the mother, due to the hierarchy of natural rights. This has been a frontal attempt at “Might / Power is Right”. Who is next for elimination?

The pressure to introduce abortion in Ireland lacks a basis in international law as the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the Eight Amendment is not in breach of human rights law. The so called Human Rights committee of the UN (ICCPR) has no legal basis to affect law in Ireland. It acts as an international pressure group.

The Eight Amendment now stands in the breach. Repeal of the Eight, no matter how hard cases are cited against it, will transfer power to the politicians to effect liberal abortion.

Consequences of introducing abortion:

Do voters realise the enormity of the chilling impact that a yes vote on repealing the Eight Amendment will have on society?  Some likely impacts include:

Depopulation and abuse of power.   The state will now control entry and exit to life itself. Abortion occurs in 1 pregnancy in 19 in Ireland, 1 in 5 (20%) in the UK. It is 1 in 4 (25%) of pregnancies in the USA. It is 40% in New York City (NYC) and in the black community in NYC it is estimated at 85%. Europe is depopulating, and welfare state funding will come under pressure e.g. pensions.

  • Abortion will become a matter of convenience – the numbers aborted will jump, even skyrocket
  • The disabled will be targeted for abortion – occurs in other countries (termed eugenics)
  • “Non acceptable” groups and races are likely to be targeted
  • More female children are also likely to be aborted

Abortion will brutalise society. There will be efforts to “normalise” it e.g. make it “compassionate”!

“Disposal” of and use of body parts of aborted babies.  Medical waste?? Use for research??

Negative personal impacts.  Negative psychological, emotional, and spiritual impacts, often denied, affect mothers (e.g. depression, substance abuse). These impacts can be long term. There are also controversial reports of negative physical impacts on the mother (increased risk of infertility, future miscarriage, etc). These should become clearer over time. There are also negative psychological impacts on siblings and other relatives.

Might is right. The secular state will move towards more control and power over society if it wins the referendum and will also likely move (“compassionately!”) against other vulnerable groups.

Society will be increasingly fractured. This has happened in the USA. Breaking the fifth commandment, denying fundamental justice and increasingly adopting the “Might is Right” approach in such a public manner must be very strongly resisted.

Damage to international reputation and official promotion of evil. Ireland has traditionally been known for its missionary work for Christianity. We may now become just another Western country peddling Government programmes of abortion abroad, alongside “women’s reproductive health”.

The ongoing disappearance of morality / dignity.  The State is dismantling morality and the natural law as the basis for societal behaviour. Individual dignity and transcendence is being increasingly ignored. We are becoming slaves of the State, as it becomes increasingly all-important. We are also becoming technologically more powerful – increasing the risks to the survival of society. As we eliminate God, we are now increasingly at risk of eliminating ourselves. More than ever, we need to make moral choices to survive and be properly civilised, not discard the means to do so.


The voters now decide.  Abortion kills innocent human beings and brutalises society. For the justice and protection of unborn human beings, a clear conscience and a properly civilised society, vote NO.

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