Politicians etc. and the Eight Amendment

Modern day politicians decry our recent (Christian) past as a dark place, the fault of the churches. This is post judgment of historical behaviour – namely hindsight is 20/20 vision and as part of the modern mob mentality, looks around for an easy victim. We have become ever more perfect what with all that money we have now! They need to be transported back to the time when there was much more poverty in general, technology was significantly less developed than now and societal welfare processes less developed. For example, the internet was hardly around up to the year 1990 – approx 25 years ago – and hardly any mobile phones. Just consider what most houses built in the seventies and earlier were like – damp and cold, but heating was relatively cheap and carbon footprint unheard of.

In Ireland, we have the Fine Gael party “evolving” from being a pro life, pro Christian political party, even terming themselves as “Christian Democrats” to being a pro death, seemingly anti Christian party today. They have betrayed prolife voters from 2011 onwards, when they made false and empty promises for the Catholic vote. Our current Taoiseach also declared during his election campaign for the leadership of the Fine Gael party, that Catholic social teaching was no longer relevant to Fine Gael. We have the irony in the case of the recent sacking of Frances Fitzgerald as Tánaiste, Fine Gael, including the Taoiseach, kept bleating on about natural justice for the Tánaiste. But where does natural justice come from? What about natural justice for the unborn?

One explanation for this “evolution” comes from the Democratic Party in the US. Historians have commented that it has been taken over by radical feminists supporting abortion / the sexual revolution to the exclusion of Catholics and it did not care if the Catholics moved out. Radical feminism has a problem with Christianity; particularly that Jesus Christ was a man. There is also the fact that we now toe the European Union line that does not acknowledge the fundamental contribution that Christianity has made to the development of Europe. This denial of the Divine alone will increasingly damage the Union (not surprising this denial is emanating from France).

Fianna Fail is hardly covered in glory in that its majority are against the repeal of the amendment but its “hierarchy” is for it. Replace the word “hierarchy” with “leadership” and it becomes clear what is going on (having your cake and eating it). Is abortion not inhuman? How is not permitting abortion inhuman?

Sinn Fein is engaged in moral relativism – more generally, life is moral mush for them so they have become “sounding brass or clanging cymbals” –empty moral sounds.

In the socialist section, normally characterised by anti-Christian sentiment – nothing has changed.

One also wonders whether or not the judiciary will abandon principles of Christianity (e.g. Natural Law) in spite of the preamble in the constitution to our Christian teachings, heritage and traditions. Recent judgments on polygamous marriage and the Unborn confirm that direction. Pre-natal rights for the unborn have been abolished. The judiciary must be challenged on these rulings – possibly through referenda and mechanisms for referenda so that the politicians can be sidestepped as regards their “gatekeeping”.

Is there anything redeemable to be said about the mainstream media (MSM) in this area , except to welcome the advent of social media where the MSM can be challenged?

Our politicians are becoming more and more devoid of morality, craving only what is politically expedient (popularity over principle). Is it not time to chastise our politicians and their associated elite? They have become our rulers, rather than our servant. With secularism, the Dail has become the new temple, the ministers the new high priests and our elected representatives our new band of Pharisees. We are being told by them how to live our lives today, for our own “good”.  By their deeds shall they be known?

The process of softening up / bullying the voter has been very well manipulated by means of the  “Citizens assembly” and a sub committee of the Dail by supporting deliberative speeches for one side of the debate.  The focus of their work was pretty one sided, primarily on the “termination of pregnancy” (abortion word avoided) and the rights of the unborn was largely ignored. Indeed they have gone further and described intentional killing as an act of compassion – so to kill is good (and is to give life now bad?! – maybe they will even go further and describe abortion as an act of mercy?). Our values are being turned upside down!  This is bizarre. Is this the new “groupthink?”

There are 3 things that are being forced on the voters: 1. To facilitate the killing of human beings  2. To pay for it (taxpayers’ blood money). 3. To force healthcare professionals to engage in that killing.

Politicians are manipulating the taxes paid as being the absolute property of the state. Indeed Government has declared that abortion in the future will be paid for by the taxpayer as a further sign of the modern slavery of the taxpayer as the person to “put up, shut up and pay up”.  It is no wonder that the state has invested heavily in the tax collection process and extended its scope – they now want your TV licence to be paid in a similar manner. Ministers talk about “my department” ; “I have secured an allocation from the Minister of Finance” (Mr. money bags) – “my, my pot of gold” just like the ownership of life in today’s society – leading to abortion, eugenics, euthanasia etc. Stewardship has gone out the door.

Politicians are now also attacking Christianity on education, particularly Christian schools, and on the family front. The church is an easy bogeyman for past ills – “and I have Dail privilege to say so (FG TD)”. Is this Dail privilege not an abuse of an extra freedom/ power that politicians use to shove this and other matters down our throats? The term their apologists’ use for such people is “colourful language”! Should we not keep politicians accountable as Christians as well as being politicians?

In general, the history of atheist / secularist Governments even in recent times has been problematic – wars were generally caused by atheistic rulers. A very small example from World War 2: – the Soviet Government sanctioned rape and pillage by its troops in Berlin for 3 days after its conquest. We all know about the concentration camps by the Nazis – every adult needs to visit Auschwitz.

Where are the examples being set by our politicians? How many politicians in Europe give good example by means of their family life? Are senior politicians not portrayed more like celebrities?

If abortion is legalised, have we not, like Faust, sold our souls to the devil by means of politicians and their followers offering easy utilitarian and non-principled answers to complex problems?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” (Edmund Burke).

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