Worldviews on Abortion

Worldview of Christianity and Secularism as regards abortion

Christians and secularists have differing worldviews (the fundamental orientation of an individual’s point of view including values and morals). This includes the term “mindset”, but goes beyond it. Secularists come out quite badly from a worldview perspective, so they prefer to take an incremental / isolated perspective on any given situation, preferring to attack the Christian perspective (e.g. lack of “compassion”) on a given topic. A chart should help in this comparison, as follows:

There are 3 headings: (a) Aspect under consideration (b) Retain comment © Repeal comment

Aspect Retain Repeal
Focus for vote The unborn is a human being Indulging the self – the unborn is a blob of tissue
How to vote No expertise required. 5th commandment applies. Sean and Mary citizen awaiting instructions from the experts / intelligentsia / their “betters”
Morality The Ten Commandments apply; specifically the fifth (Thou shalt not kill) “Whatever you are having yourself” (was Hitler / slavery so evil after all?)
Governing philosophy / worldview Christianity Secularism (the state is God and “my will be done”)
Next societal moral agenda item  for consideration Restore Christian marriage as the basis for societal marriage Dehumanise next weakest group, namely the elderly & the disabled via euthanasia;

Maybe transgenderism?

Who is in charge of society? God The state / “Caesar” (not God)
“Evolution” of morality God is constant so no evolution of morals Politicians “evolve” over time to follow the vote / lowest common denominator
Culture Pro-Life, stewards of life, agape & “in giving we receive” Owners of life / death, Indulgence / convenience  of the powerful; Elimination of the weakest in society
Key cultural influencers Jesus Christ;  Bible Rousseau, Voltaire, Marx & Nietzsche
Rights of the individual Inalienable rights given by God and cannot be taken away by the state All rights (including life and liberty) granted and revoked by the state
Dignity of the individual You are made in the image of God Everything comes by means of the state and can be taken away again by the state; have a nice day (while you can)!
Short term impact More focus on real societal  issues The killings paid for by the “easy touch” taxpayer; but this is “blood money”

More degradation of key English words such as  “compassion”

Long term impact (5 plus years) Reversal of secular agenda for the betterment of the people More chaos e.g. the welfare society at increasing risk;

Depopulation by more killing of the weak

Ultimate meaning of life Salvation into everlasting life This world is all that matters; evolution into a hell on earth for most
Nature of man Subject to sin Inherently “good” – abortion is a health / preference issue

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